State-of-the-Art Japanese Delicacy

If you thinking of Japanese cuisines in Jakarta, you might think about the Japanese restaurant district in Blok M area, sushi tei or those famous restaurant that stands in the far north of Jakarta. While now, our journey will bring you another perspective about scrumptious Japanese cuisine in Jakarta.

Standing in the heart of Jakarta business district for almost half of century, Sari Pan Pacific hotel brings you another level of Japanese indulgence by serving their best Japanese delicacies to your table in their award-winning Japanese restaurant, Keyaki.


Please don’t be worry about their sea-far location, they always keep the quality of their food by having the freshest seafood served to your table because they have trusted dedicated suppliers supplying them with the best seafood in the market.

Their 40 years of dedication in serving scrumptious Japanese cuisines is not a nothing in vain. The devotion rewards them with awards and achievements especially the best Japanese restaurant by NOW! Jakarta’s best restaurant, bar and club awards which won by them annually, nonetheless they never stop their dedication in giving the best service to their loyal and new customers.

It was a pleasure for me welcomed by the hotel and had a dinner in Keyaki with fellow foodies. Walked into this historical restaurant, the surrounding greeted us with the warm, neat and comfortable ambiance, we also saw several famous and well-known figures enjoying their favorite dishes while hotel’s PR led us through sets of dining tables to the exclusive VIP tatami floored rooms, adding the comfort and giving us the most Japanese dining experience.

As we walked in and got seated in those VIP room, they offered us drinks and a bowl of mixed mushroom soup as the appetizer. This warm mushroom soup consist of shitake and enoki and shimeji mushroom dipped in shoyu clear soup, just don’t forget to squeeze lime juice to add a bit acidity and fresh sensation while gulping the soup.


Introducing their mains specialties, they offered us a portion of mixed meat and fish served in a hot plate called Jyu Jyu Steak mix. A portion of Japanese delicacy, consisting of salmon, beef and black cod fish on a hot plate. Well.. it’s not a usual hot plate, the meat and fish placed above the hot stone as a base before the hot plate in order to keep the meat and fish not stick directly to the hot plate surface.


They poured sake to the burning hot plate in order to escalate the taste and aroma

This Jyu-Jyu Steak Mix also comes with miso soup, cawan mushi and also white rice, not forgetting the dipping sauces which tasted more like peanut sauce and kind of shoyu sauce that mixed well with this steak and fish dish. I loved the cawan mushi, it’s fluffy, not fishy and it has a ginko in the bottom which taste great combined with the fluffiness.

Of course, these 2 dishes still not able to fulfill our appetite, so we received their offers to try their other Japanese specialties. First thing first, we had an additional grilled black cod, because it’s has a SUPERB taste ! Yes, I meant those last sentence I wrote, SUPERB ! The skin is crunchy while the fish meat is so silky, tender and tasteful, no wonder it’s one of the most favorite dishes in Keyaki. The experienced chef truly knows how to cook this fresh sweet fish that the freshness not vanished due to the heat and it’s served with special sauce, named “saus goceng” because the customers used to tip the waiters “goceng” or 5 thousand Rupiah if the waiter/waitress serve them this sauce, while now may be vary.


Fresh Chirashi

As these full of freshness experience continous, we also tried the Chirashi, cut mixed seafood of salmon, tuna, squid and crab stick topped with salmon roe and it tasted so damn good ! It was such a kind of pleasure when the salmon roe popped in your mouth while munching fresh fish. Also, it’s a must for me to mix the chirashi with a bit of shoyu and wasabi because it really does escalate the freshness and flavor.

Nice and tasty salmon as used in Chirashi
Can’t eat raw seafood? They also have excellent cooked fish !


Done with those fresh fish, we also tried their other menu, such as chicken teriyaki and grilled ginko. The chicken teriyaki cooked well and it comes with cawan mushi, soup, white rice and also sashimi. I love the way they cooked the chicken teriyaki, I could tasted bit alcohol taste from shoyu and it made it more flavorful. If you ever wondered what does ginko taste, it taste more like “melinjo”, bitter but savory and it’s good to increase memory, especially for oldster.

The famous ginko


To end this Japangasm, we had ice cream as our dessert. They offered us 3 flavors, black sesame, ogura and matcha which tasted nice to cleanse our palette from the food savory taste. It was such a great experience to taste and experience this state-of-the-art Japanese cuisines at Keyaki, it’s a must for you to try this !


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