White Beauty Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for a white zen coffee shop in Muara Karang area then you might like this one. Coffee Aya, a coffee shop stands in the middle of crowded fresh market area which also known as ‘Pasar Muara Karang’ offers you a unique clean and clear atmosphere among the stinky, crowded yet messy market situation.

It’s kinda a unique concept offers by this coffee shop while around this coffee shop, there isn’t any single coffee shop stands and only several either seafood or chinese concept restaurant stands in this hokkien chinese neighborhood.

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Once you get in to this little shop, you’ll be greeted by this white atmospheric coffee shop that calms you from obstreperous ‘fury’ city of Jakarta. Consisting of two stories, it offers two different story in both of the floors. In the first floor, they offers a simple yet vacuous space while in the second floor, it’s more occupied with furnitures but still shows simple and elegant manner to this white beauty coffee shop.

In order to add natural element, they choose to use wooden floor than of carpet or ceramic floor and also some bottled plants, wooden basket, not forgetting wooden chair, tables and window frame. A wise choice instead, it gives a warmer element to this pale all white building.

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Before get deeper with this nice ambiance, we ordered their specialty which of course a cup of coffee and a cup of their home-made matcha. Unfortunately, we still can’t pair our beverages with some real foods but to cure our dissappointment, the barista offered us some of their condiments to be paired with our coffee and tea. They sell assorted cookies with interesting shape and also cookies with various toppings which are also looked appealing.

Among all of their good-looking goods, we choose pineapple and rum topped cookies, also their leaf-shaped pandan cookies. It cost us IDR 10k each for pineapple and rum topped cookies, while the leaf-shaped pandan cookies cost us IDR 15k for 2pcs.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

All of the cookies ain’t taste bad but price talks, the pineapple and rum topped cookies tasted so much better than the leaf-shaped cookies which tasted just so-so. the pineapple tasted just like ‘nastar’ but in a pretty way and the rum topped cookie tasted even better since we are alcohol fillings lover. All of the cookies tasted not too sweet and they truly good friends to your coffee or tea, it might be a nice cure if you are not a ‘plain’ coffee or tea lover.

As for the coffee, we ordered a cup of cappuccino which looked nice with its latte art on top and steamy milk as it mix. It’s never be a good option for a black coffee lover or you that would like to taste the real aromatic coffee without being mixed with milk but for me who always need to capture everything, it always be the best option to order cappuccino or latte with those eye-catching and instagram-able latte art. Maybe because it mixed with the milk, so it’s just taste so-so for those cup of cappuccino but the coffee is not that bland that I guess it was a strong bittery coffee as the base.

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I totally in love with the matcha, they made it in traditional way with the wooden circle shaped stir even though it still came from the matcha powder but it tasted nice and bold, so matcha! and it paired well with those appealing cookies.

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In the end, it was a nice place for you to take some ‘ootd’ pictures, having a little chit-chat or maybe befriend your loneliness with some books while enjoying this little white quiet space. For your information, the cookies they currently selling is not made by them and they said they were developing their food menus and will be released soon.


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