Flores Ahoy ! : Island of gods

Day 2 : magnificent Padar and colorful Pink Beach

Galloped on the fierce wave of stormy sea, it was around half past five in the morning and we have departed from Labuan Bajo to our first destination.The weather seemed not be friendly to us, it drizzled then it poured, so as the ocean brought a nightmare to seasick person. Tossed and tottered in the wave, it did not deter us to visit the most adorable island in Flores, Padar island.

Luckily it just happened for an hour and the ocean quit its mumbly mood. As the sun shone and its ray penetrated through the clouds, we could saw the mountains on the ocean and all the beauty of sunrise.

Photo 1-20-17, 5 48 03 AM

Photo 1-20-17, 6 06 40 AM

Photo 1-20-17, 5 28 12 AM

It was an hour of thrilling experience and thrills got us starving. We did not wait long until the sailors served us with the local breakfast , banana-leaf sticky rice and sticky rice with dried coconut. Yeah, the taste was quite delicious, especially to fulfill our appetite and the most important thing is it was not too heavy for so called breakfast.

Photo 1-20-17, 5 22 47 AM

I was continuing the journey by sleeping because I did not get so much sleep in the previous night and just in the blink of an eye, we arrived at our destination, Padar island. Lucky that I awoke just right before we reached Padar island, so I could took some pictures before landing.

Photo 1-20-17, 7 47 14 AM

Photo 1-20-17, 7 48 00 AM

Astonished, amazed, it were my feelings when I stepped my feet in the island. It was a breathtaking and picturesque view. Green hills, pasture and blue ocean, just a nice blend of view, kind of view that you could not find anywhere but in these remote islands.

Photo 1-20-17, 8 12 22 AM

We decided to hike the hills right away, couldn’t wait to take some pictures from the top of the hill while enjoyed the superb and instagramable panorama.

Photo 1-20-17, 8 15 34 AM

Photo 1-20-17, 8 28 19 AM

Photo 1-20-17, 8 30 16 AM

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It took us about 2 hours to get to the hilltop and return to the beach, passed through steep ways up and down felt the sun burned our skin, we sweated badly and got our clothes soaked. It’s so lucky that I wore outdoor sandal, it gripped so well and made me easier while hiked the rocky-sandy terrain.

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View from the top

On our way back to our boat, we found a small grassland and of course I could not held my self to take some pictures there.

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It was a great yet tiring experience in Padar island. Still, there’s a regretful thing I found, there was a pile of plastic garbage near the beach and it started to get polluted, I just hope that the government would took serious act to conserve the islands.

After had our lunch on the boat with mostly the same menus as the previous day, we left Padar island and headed to the famous Pink beach. It was a great sunny afternoon while we sailed there, it felt like just in the blink of an eye until we reached the beach.

It was a bit more crowded than the other beaches but the journey was paid off, it was a great place to visit and if you’re keen of snorkeling then it’s just an exact place you have to visit while in Flores.
Beside clear waters, it also offered us various fishes to be seen and they’re visible for the eye, likewise the coral reefs, where the fishes played hide and seek happily.

The boats could not easily anchor to the island as well as in Padar, so you could choose between go to the island by “ojek” or just swim to the island.

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After an fine hour or two spent in Padar, we left to Kanawa Island, it’s too bad that I was a bit drunk that I forgot to take pictures.

Unlike the other island I visited, Kanawa was a private island and we had to pay around IDR100 thousand per pax in order to enter the island. They also prohibited us to bring any outside food and drink to the island since they had a kind of small cafe in the island, yes it also had quite sophisticated facilities compared to the other islands, but for snorkeling, it was better to snorkel in Pink Beach due to the varieties of the fish.

It was a great island hopping trip and we were starved after back to Labuan Bajo. Just an hour to get ourselves prepared to have dinner at Plataran, Labuan Bajo. It was one of the prestigious hotel you could find here at Labuan Bajo. They offered various of western and Indonesian cuisine for us to choose from oxtail soup to burger and they were great, especially the service, it was a top notch ! I highly recommended you to order their burger if you fancy of western cuisine and need extra calories after a whole long day in beaches.

Photo 1-20-17, 7 52 23 PM

Photo 1-20-17, 8 24 23 PM

Photo 1-20-17, 7 52 56 PM

A half hour drive back to our hotel, we simply get ourselves relaxed while digesting our food and it won’t take long for us to fall asleep after reached the hotel to get ourselves ready for morning flight to Bali.

Day 3 : Island of gods

It was still 9 o’clock in the morning while we stepped our feet in the island of gods, Bali. We were so starving because we had not had our breakfast yet. It just took a short discussion until we agreed to had our breakfast at Warung Nasi Wardani where it was my very first time tried this nasi campur Wardani.

They sold halal nasi campur bali but still delicious due to spices they used to make all of the satay and meat, not forgetting those crunchy fried prawns and spicy sambal ! It was good and I would like to have another portion but I just had to prepare room in my stomach for cafe hopping !

Photo 1-21-17, 9 34 28 AM

Bali won’t felt like Bali and morning would felt empty if we did not have coffee to start the day and we decided to visit Buro Bali to had some coffee and brunch ! yeah, brunch after breakfast.

They still had those unique design and concept in their cafe and store while we visited there and it’s a must to take some pictures, not forgetting those salmon egg benedict and cup of cappuccino for brunch. Just love the way they presented the egg benedict, they offered thick sauce, crunchy asparagus and nicely cooked egg and salmon.

Well, we also had a smoothie bowl bought in the opposite of this buro, spicy coconut and psstt… had it in Buro 🙂 It was a nice smoothie bowl because they offered a not too chewy smoothie bowl by giving too many munch-until-you-tired elements inside like quinoa, nuts or else.

Photo 1-21-17, 10 57 13 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 11 03 04 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 11 03 45 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 10 27 12 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 10 33 26 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 10 43 52 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 10 44 46 AM

Photo 1-21-17, 10 50 47 AM

After Buro, we also went to potato head Seminyak, but too bad, again, I did not take some pictures there, just enjoying the chilling atmosphere and chit chat before we had our lunch and headed back to Jakarta.

Several hours spent chilling at Potato Head, we had our lunch at Jimbaran as planned. A seafood feast indeed, but I only took pictures of some nice dishes. I am not a mussels person, but the kerang bambu bakar there were so DAMN GOOD, it was DA BOMB ! I could not handle myself partake those mussels, while the other grilled seafood such as fish and prawns, not forgetting the fried squid were also good !

Photo 1-21-17, 3 05 43 PM

Photo 1-21-17, 3 06 13 PM

Photo 1-21-17, 3 06 00 PM

Photo 1-21-17, 3 05 35 PM

And it’s a wrap ! It was a great short escape in Flores and Bali, too bad we had to head back to Jakarta and face the reality, hasta la vista !


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