Cake Making Class – Atelier by The Harvest!


For those of you who’d like to get some knowledge about cake making 101, we recommend you to join this new event by The Harvest. The event, which called “Atelier” or workshop in simple phrase, brings you an extraordinary pasty making class that gives you many benefits. Aside from getting the knowledge about how to make pastry by professional pastry chefs, the package also includes experiences of socializing with new people, the excitement from making the dough into a delicious pastry product, as well as many other interesting things. As an additional information, the event is exclusive only for 10 reserved participants which makes this more prestigious to join.

– – –
The event which takes around 4 hours of time, will take you firstly to your own space in a table with other participants. First, the professional pastry chefs from the kitchen will introduce themselves and officially starts the event. As for the pastry-making utilities, you will be given the tools and ingredients needed, then the cook assistant will be assigned for 2 participants each. During our experience, in the first step, we were given the instruction to make the cream cheese filling for our matcha tiramisu cake.

– – –
Then, we started to make our layered cake from the bottom by adding coffee as our main ingredient to the cake layer.

– – –
And as the next step, we added our cream cheese filling as well as our matcha cream filling. On the first layer, we were taught that the coffee shouldn’t be too much as it will ruin the cake as a whole. Then, for the second and third layer, we repeated the steps, but with an additional dose of coffee to make it more ‘tiramisu’. Afterwards, we waited for two hours while having our lunch to get our cakes refrigerated. The excitement we got were when we try to get all the layers covered in the cream cheese, as well as shading our cakes with chocolate powder, which made all parts of our ‘cooking-station’ contaminated.


– – –
For the supplementary package of the event, we also got the chance to make one of the most favourite kind of pastry. Croissant. So, we made the butter croissant from scretch. We roll the dough into its thinnest form and added the butter block, as well as reruned the rolling-step to make our ‘buttery dough’. The delightful moment was when we roll our triangle-shaped dough became a raw croissant to be baked.

– – –
While we were waiting for our refrigerated-cake and baked-croissant, we had some lunch provided by The Harvest. Aside from the mains, we also got the chance to taste some cakes and mini burgers.
– – –
And added to our surprise, we got our face drawn for us through a pencil-drawing.

– – –
Last but not least, we were given our creations of croissant and matcha tiramisu cake to be competed each other. We were given some time to think and decorate a theme on our cake. Overall, this ‘atelier’ event by The Harvest is not just an ordinary cake making class and worth to participate. So, why wait? Register yourself at



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